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23/05 Now you can get all the fonts in zip archives. Due to the size (~3½MB) they are split in two: A-K og L-Z.

16/03 Do you have a website? Would you like to make som extra money? Well, then click the image below to be surprised about how much you are gonna earn.

11/03 Once again we put a dozen new fonts online. You got to see the classic Coca Cola font (Loki Cola) and what about the Aladdin font (Abaddon). Once again we prove, maybe we're not the largest, but definately the best font archive online.

22/11 I'm getting tons of mails like: "How do I use the fonts i download from on my own computer?" Well, folks - here's the answer to your prayers:"

Installing fonts on your computer
Follow these steps to install:
Open control panel and click "fonts"
In the file menu select "install new font"
Browse your way to the fonts you wish to install
Follow these steps to uninstall:
Open control panel and click "fonts"
Mark the font(s) you wish to uninstall and press

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